Saturday, August 23, 2003

Election 2004 - Turn Out Or Be Turned Under 

The Government of the United States of America is at war. Not only with so called "terrorists" across the globe, not only with "illegal drugs" and all who produce, distribute or consume them, but with every American citizen and every global citizen of the world.

If you disagree you have not been paying any attention.

This must stop. If this country is truely free then we will be granted a chance to alter this most dangerous course next year with our vote. I tell you this: If you do not go out of your way to show up to the polls and vote against this administration, you will be as cattle, already fat and ready for slaughter. The time for revolt is NOW, the window of opertunity is rapidly closing.

Yet if another charde like the one in Florida 2000 happens and you know who is releceted, we must not sit back and remain spectators to our own extinction. We must rise up and reclaim our soverign power and recognize our ultimate collectivity. We are all one.

FACT: This administration is spending over five hundred BILLION dollars a year on military dominance, while the people within our own borders starve and go homeless and without healthcare. Our cities are deteriorating, our environment is being raped and ravaged and destroyed. Our minds are being injected with poison. This must stop. And it starts with you.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Army of the Wood Elves 

The dawn breaks and the sky is illuminated with streaks of pink and hues of purple as the mist burns off the valley floor. Today is Day One. The war has officially started. For too long we have silently allowed ourselves to be subjected to untold abuse. For too long have we smiled as we were being beaten and prodded and used as lab animals. The blood and sweat we have shed has aged us all and we have come to look in the mirror and see our untimely death.

To my right is the woman I love and in her arms, nursing on her breast is the child we have conceived. Here we are on the last swath of unpolluted land, with the corn and squash that has fed us and made us strong. Up the road the engines are already grumbling, guzzling their precious petrol, sweating poison exhaust and with the power of a hundred horses, rearing to devour their creators.

This blood that runs in my veins screams not only to survive, but to thrive and expand and evolve into a truer state of being, more akin to the likes of my soul, the soul, of all of us.

This day has been a long time coming. I notch an arrow in my bow, knowing that it will only be the first, and that the last may be far off. But these are arrows to assure a future for these children and to pierce into the very heart of the beast.

In this very moment I am the only one to raise arms, but I have heard it whispered that throughout the land there are others with bows raised in a single unity of purpose: freedom. The day shall be long and the night longer, but I am unafraid. I know that this will grow, that this resistance will swell. It is inevitable. Like the terrorists forged out of bombed countrysides of ash and dried blood, the resistance is a natural process. I know this because my DNA knows this. The most basic quality of life is adaptation. Now, today, if we are to live to see one more sunrise we must adapt. We must create a sustainable way of life. We can no longer allow those who would kill us all for a few short term profits to continue their abuse upon the whole of the planet.

Emperor George has said that this will be a "new kind of war", and he was right. This is a new kind of war. It is not a war that can be won with bombs and bullets. The progress of this war will not be measured by how many of the "enemy" we kill, but of how many minds we can free. Like Neo, we must enter the Matrix, unafraid, sure of our destiny. This is a war of liberation. Not the type of "liberation" that the dominators of the world display by toppling governments at a whim if they do not meet their economic preferences, but of true liberation.

The power of a self-realized human is the most awsome force on the planet, and if we can facilitate in the freeing of people's minds, and the self-empowerment that comes as a result of that, then we will never find ourselves in such a barbaric state again. The repression must end here and now. The dehumanizing systems of dependency and unaccountability must end here and now. We are the People of Earth and we are One, with ourselves and with the planet, and with all that is. No longer will we sit by and let the self proclaimed few, in their illusions of superiority control the destiny of the rest.

Let my bullets be my words and my bombs be my thoughts to shake the foundations of the old structure so that a new and glorious world can be built. But also let my words and thoughts be bandages to sooth the sufferieng and heal the wounds of our world, so that we may be made strong enough to create out of love and not fear.

This is Day One, and the war has begun. Let the arrows fly

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